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Our History

Cochrane's newest restaurant is not only bringing rich experience to the community, it is also instigating a fresh perspective to Cuisine of east India.

Over the past 40 years, Romesh Anand and his wife Sue have build out a reputation in Calgary, Canada. It did not occur by happenstance. After training in England, almost half a century ago, Rome became involved in the restaurant business in 1962 in his family's first ever East Indian Restaurant in Bristol, UK. After moving to Calgary in 1970, Rome and Sue gave the taste of East Indian Cuisine by opening Omar Khayyam Restaurant in 1974. They had run a succession of extremely successful restaurants across the city, including the nationally reputed, award winning Rajdoot which they have opened in 1990.

There over the years, they cooked for dignitaries and celebrities from all over the world. The restaurant even exists today, but Rome and Sue have moved on. They are now trying to educate people to eat fresh and organic food, while at the same time experimenting with the traditional delicious east Indian food with use of fine herbs and spices that they say ………goes back thousands of years.

Then they have participated with research and screening projects by the University of Calgary, faculty of Medicine. "Over the years, we had learnt how important it is to eat right" Rome said, adding that there are many natural ways to use Indian spices to keep your health good. To this end, the Rome family started another venture, new restaurant in Cochrane, namely Jaipur India Cuisine, will feature dishes with reduced sodium, fat, sugar and white flour as well as increase the use of whole grain fiber, raw foods and gluten free dishes.