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Our Restaurant

With an enviable culinary heritage dating back to several years the Jaipur India cuisine has set new benchmark in hospitality industry in Cochrane. The restaurant reflects the influences from different parts of world while retaining the gist and tradition of East Indian culinary knowledge. We set high standard for the pleasure of epicurean gourmets and always taking the onus of adhere to the same.

Jaipur India cuisine ,One of the most loved restaurant of Cochrane offers an all day eclectic dining experience as well as the soothing ambience in our restaurant so created that the guests who walks in our restaurant feels homely and carries an everlasting memories of their dining episode with us.

We not only mastered in the art of cooking but also offer unique hospitality. We handpicked the recipes by research and offering them to you for your final choice. We are illustrious for our commitment towards authentic and hygienic food.